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Will we rise or sink?

This is a note from March 22, 2022. It is a thoughtful reflection on the new phase expected to

begin in 2023.

The three years after 2020 will be like the inter-dimensional space seen whileriding Doraemon's time machine.

It is remarkable that on December 22, 2020, when we entered the "Age of the Winds"phase in astrology, it was such a hot topic in Japan that it was trending on Twitter.Regarding the physical experience of that phase, we will start to actually feel the changesafter March 2023. As I discussed in my "MAMI" video, the roughly three years from now willbe like a transition period, a period like the inter-dimensional space seen while ridingDoraemon's time machine. That is precisely what is happening right now. The world is inchaos, and we are in the middle of a gigantic vortex of mystery. But we are movingthrough that vortex into a shift toward a new era. The wind element carries keywords suchas intelligence and information. As we are experiencing a chaotic transition period, it istime to be aware of the authenticity of information and to ask ourselves, "Is theinformation out there true?" It is increasingly necessary for us to use our senses todetermine whether information is accurate or not.

By treating information not as flat but as multifaceted and three-dimensional, our brains will enter the zone.

On a personal note, during a session with an astrologer last week, that me and my partner take once ayear, things changed significantly compared to the past. It was the sense that information is no longerflat. It was like my brain was entering the zone by receiving information three-dimensionally frommultiple angles. It was a tremendously tiring process. It was an exercise in grasping information nottwo-dimensionally but from numerous angles. It was like taking in information not only from the frontbut also the back, not only from the present but also the past and the future, not just from a singleperson but from a three-dimensional structure that included the other person, a perspective thattranscended all boundaries. Soon after I started learning astrology, I became interested in Pluto, Uranus,and Neptune, which are more distant stars than Saturn. From there, my attention turned to the fixedstars.It is in the realm beyond the terrestrial realm, the realm that cannot be handled by the intellect alone,that we can experience something beyond this all too real reality. I had vaguely such an image. Ofcourse, I am aware that it is presumptuous to say that a person as small as a bacterium living on Earthcan handle a whole planet. Still, I feel that by working with the stars, I am free from terrestrialconstraints. However, the influence of the moon, Mars, and Mercury cannot be underestimated. Mars isbelieved to be an influence that causes people to become irritable and aggressive. One can easilyexperience this influence, so it is wise to be aware of it in advance and use one's wits to avoid trouble! 

Information is easily manipulated, and people are easily brainwashed.

It is clear that times are going to change in a whole new way starting in 2023. Books predicting thefuture that line the bookstores will prove helpful. I have a feeling that we will be poor in the future,especially if we live actively flowing. It may sound harsh, but the quality of the information weacquire equals our poverty. It can be said that the coming two hundred years of the wind era will bean era of information handling. It will be necessary for us to have a good perception of the quality ofinformation. The premise is that information is easily manipulated, and people are easily brainwashed.

Is there salvation for Japan? Will she sink or rise?

Japan is now (as of March 2022) at a point in its economic history where we do not know where the exit lies. Isthere salvation for Japan? We hear that ancient and valuable Japanese books and other materials have beenburned by the US. Textbooks have been redacted. This is Japan's tragic history. It can be said that after the war,the Japanese people lived without learning about their own knowledge and their country's ancient wisdom. Ifthat is so, we must remind ourselves of our strength. Is it too late for those of us who have been cleverlymanipulated since the war? I now feel that the theme for 2022 is "What should we do to become self-reliant?"Whether we sink or rise, I believe that the only way to become independent from the manipulators is to chooseand discard information about the direction in which we want to head.

A year after I wrote this note, I find myself living in a completely different environment. It was anunexpected turn of events, but we live in a completely different world, to say the least. I will graduallyblog about the changes in perception and behavior up to now.













Dubai, in the desert before dawn.

Photo by Keita Christopher

Writer / Mami Grace Osada

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