Metaphysics is said to be the philosophy that pursues the fundamental principles of existence. It is defined as pursuing the essence and truth that lies beyond the boundaries of science and the non-scientific, matter and the non-material. OSSA MONDO interprets this essence as "A world that people find beautiful, filled with love, gratitude, and joy of living, is the true raison d'être." This expression of beauty, the joy of living, and gratitude is neither material nor immaterial, nor does it have a definition. That is why we want to engage in activities that explore, express, and embody these things, making full use of art and technology, and cross-over fields such as design, photography, video, drawing, and storytelling. It is the mission of expressive artists to create new worlds by giving form to the unseen. While pursuing the essence and the truth that are discovered in the process of this, we hope to communicate insights, joy, and healing to people.