"OSSA MONDO" is our own coined phrase that combines the acronym "OSSA", or "optional scope of splendid association" meaning "the highest institution with an unrestricted field of view", and "MONDO", meaning "the world" or "the earth"."OSSA" also means "skeleton" in Italian. We establish a strong framework based around the vision or philosophy of our clients in fashion design, architectural design, branding, direction, and other aspects to create an enduring brand.moreover, the ancient etymology of the word "MONDO" has the meaning of "the universe and all that make up it", and "the earth as a place of human activity".

We want to create and forge new beauty with an unrestricted field of view, free from existing frameworks on this great earth, a playground for human activities.


The energy produced by items the result of love and soul generates a range of benefits. By pursuing creation around this fundamental ethos, we want to heighten the awareness of people, companies, Japan, and the world, and lead people to do good. Creating outstanding products and services requires partnering with our various hardworking clients and further enhancing their existing image and brand. Through creative direction and design, we yield joy and positivity among all parties as we research and produce output towards your growth.

The world we want to create is full of sensitivity of beauty, and full of life happiness -- in short, a beautifully splendid world.


Beautiful and love-filled design leads to great light.


We use hashtags to represent the universal values we hold dear.While some things change from era to era, others remain eternal. Nothing is perfect, and imperfection and contradiction is natural. We use hashtags to express the various creative fragments that we think about through the evolving and changing conceptual thinking.


Based on the idea that people are naturally meant to be free, we want to be like the free-soaring bird and travel the world at liberty, engaging with other disciplines and identities to continue being a creative company with a liberty and exciting mindset.


Sensitivity beauty. Experiencing the beauty of things around us brings joy and richness to our lives.Even in times of despair or sadness, beauty enriches us and gives us strength. Sensitivity is itself the very raison d’etre for us in this world. By creating beautiful with love designs, we want to bring joy to many people through the goods and services with which they interact.


The notion of the commonplace and common sense is merely a human construct.Isaac Newton stated that, “No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess.” In this way, taking a creative, birds-eye view of things and not being restrained by common sense, lets us go beyond genres and pursue creation that is full of possibilities. We believe this translates to growth and development for people and companies.


In today’s world of breakneck speed, simply expending time and energy to solve the problems before us will not be enough to keep up. We need to read ahead to forecast changes before they occur and consider the entire flow of the future, carving out latent global needs. This means not only pursuing the needs of clients, but also thinking about investing in the future, and not just the present, through branding that looks ahead.


CEO / Artist / Model

After working as a luxury lingerie and fashion designer at a company, she joined the fashion brand OSSA MONDO in 2001. Having worked in the planning and production department for men's and ladies' products, public relationship department, and so on, she became the representative director of OSSA MONDO A&D LIMITED, which was newly established in 2014. While concurrently serving as an advertising stylist, photo director, etc., she also engages in various creative works. For instance, she proposes a personalized fashion-style in her seminar, which is on the theme around the five senses, intelligence and beauty. In her original portrait produce technique, she does photo shooting of a final image after a long and detailed process of drawing one's future vision by looking at various aspects of the client. 

She updates her blog, 'Ms MAMI "How thinking about beauty can change the world"'. She is currently working on an art book "For the new" with photographs and poetry and a story begging from a dream "It's a beautiful world". Both of the works aim to communicate what is essential for people to live on the earth by drawing a line from the past to present and to deliver it to the future.


CDO / Artist / Creative Director / Art Director / Fashion Designer / Stylist / Photographer

Graduated simultaneously from Takarazuka University and Mode Gakuen, going on to study Japanese dressmaking at the Fujikage College of Kimono. Known for winning numerous fashion competitions during his student days, came to be known as a “storm on the competition circuit.”After working as a pattern maker as an apparel manufacturer, went on to study haute couture, graphic design, and architecture, and launched OSSA MONDO in 2000. Just four years after founding the company, he rolled out a series of products at "CELUX", a members-only boutique operated by Louis Vuitton Japan that carries the world’s finest products The following year, he began selling merchandise at Showroom Romeo in Paris.In 2009, he was selected among "Japan’s Top 100 Fashion Designers". Since 2010, has worked with Chanel’s suppliers to bring Japanese textiles to a range of fields. Since 2012, has worked as a founding member of creative boutique Glider. Major works of art direction include those for "Nikon", au (“Making surprise commonplace”), Japan Post Insurance (“Life is full of dreams”), GMO Click Securities (“Life is”), and more. In 2014, was appointed as director of OSSA MONDO A&D LIMITED. Using an approach that incorporates a fashion-informed outlook and process to branding, he both directs the overall flow of projects and works hands-on to produce content, delivering both with alacrity. With an outlook and sensibility found nowhere else, he continues to engage in creative output that transcends genres and spans the worlds of corporate creative consulting, advertising, web, product design, architecture, interior design, AR creative, photography, and more.




9,000,000 YEN