The name "OSSA MONDO" is a coinage combining the acronym "OSSA" for "OPTIONAL SCOPE OF SPLENDID ASSOCIATION," meaning an excellent institution with a free viewpoint; and "MONDO," meaning "world" or "earth." "OSSA" also means "skeleton" in Italian. By grounding theory in the skeleton of our worldview on design, branding, and direction, we believe we can establish a solid foundation that leads to branding that lasts. Meanwhile, the old origin of "MONDO" has the meaning of "the universe and everything composing it; the earth as a place for human activity."

With an expansive and free point of view on this earth, we want to give rise to expressions and experiences that people find beautiful.


The energy of things imbued with love and soul brings about a variety of positive effects. Creation founded on that fundamental principle will lead to an imagining of people, companies, Japan, and the world turning their awareness toward a better form. We will continue research and output that brings about mutual joy, excitement, and growth through creative direction and design, for the further development and image enhancement of clients who have made great efforts to create and offer amazing products and services.

The world we wish to see is a wonderful one with a beautiful feeling, filled with the joy of living.


Beautiful and love-filled design leads to great light.


We use hashtagged words to express the universal consciousness that we wish to keep. Some things change over the years, while some things never change. There is no such thing as perfection, and contradictions must be accepted. They are the fragments of our most critical creative aspects.


We believe that people should be free by nature. Like birds flying in the sky and moving freely throughout the world, we hope to be a group of free-minded and exciting artists with a rich mix of different work backgrounds and identities.


To experience beautiful things as beautiful is one of the joys of life. Even in despair or sadness, beauty can heal and reenergize us. We believe that feeling and experiencing things is the reason we live in this world, and so we create beautiful things to bring joy to as many people as possible.


Treating all people with respect creates harmony in the heart. We believe that this mindset is essential for all living beings on earth to find their radiance and live in harmony.


Possibility is a very important concept for creating the future, and for us this word means having a hidden latent potential that far outshines the abilities we already have. We want to use the power of creativity to draw out and expand the possibilities in all things material or immaterial.


Just like we cannot live without the sunlight that continually shines gently and equally on all life, we cannot live without hope, and hope is the shining star that guides us at all times. Whatever happens, please do not lose hope. Even if you can't see any light in the darkness, be yourself a shining beacon of hope. We will work together with you to make that light shine even bigger.


We believe that the source of life is love. Love is present in everything and can be expressed in a concrete form. We consider this to be our work, and believe that creations and designs imbued with love can lead us to the light.


Compassion is encompassed in love and is of utmost importance. It is also one of the expressions of love that we can act upon. We believe that kindness and compassion are sensations that fill us with a warmth like sunshine, that transcend the relations of people, animals, and plants, and create harmony among all life. We try to keep this in our hearts every day as we devote ourselves to our work.


The purer a feeling, the closer it is to being the same as love. To be pure is to feel joy, an energy as great as when new life is born. We try to look at everything that happens with a pure heart.


'An independent thinker who does not fit into the framework of the common sense of society'

The concepts of "normal" or "common sense" are nothing more than assumptions made by humans. As Isaac Newton said, "No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess," and we believe that creating a future full of genre-transcending new possibilities, which are born from out-of-the-box, holistic, and independent thinking, will make it possible for not only human beings and corporate entities, but also Earth to grow and progress.


Philosophy can lead us to safety when we are in danger of getting lost. A society that has lost philosophy has lost sight of its guiding light and might not be able to function much longer. For all our creations and designs, the first thing we consider is what kind of philosophy and thinking to follow in the creative process. We believe that even if the form of things changes over time, if we cloak ourselves in our philosophy and act accordingly, they will neither rust nor lose their radiance and continue to shine eternally.


In these rapidly changing times, we are in danger of being left behind if we spend all our time only on solving the problems right in front of us. It is important to always be one step ahead, look at the overall flow of the times, and be the first to explore new needs (new worlds). We believe that instead of just chasing immediate needs, we have to invest in the future rather than the present, and therefore provide branding strategies that anticipate the years lying ahead.


The development of technology must bring harmony to the entire universe, or else the balance of this world will be destroyed. Sometimes we have to stop, look at things from a high level, and remember to be considerate of nature, the earth as well as the people living on it. If we have gone too far, we must have the courage to return to how things were before. We believe that by discussing why we create something, seeking harmony between technology and nature, and improving our understanding of the relationship between them, we can create ways for us to experience our connection with the energy of life and allow us to progress into a better future.


If we collect as much of something as possible, observe it, analyze it, spend an enormous amount of time and energy on researching it, and finally pass it through dozens of layers of filters, then what emerges is a single drop of something simple and beautiful. That is the sophistication we aim for, and that is what we want to be.


CEO / Artist / Model

MAMI GRACE OSADA entered the fashion brand OSSA MONDO in 2001 after working as a luxury lingerie/fashion designer for another company. Mami worked in men’s and ladies’ production planning and PR. In 2014, she became the CEO of the newly established OSSA MONDO A&D Inc. While working on both advertisement styling and as a photo director, she occasionally holds seminars focusing on the five senses, intellect, sensibilities, and beauty. There, she holds a variety of creative projects, such as proposing fashion individually. She independently developed a portrait production, her unique style of taking time to complete photo shooting, embracing various aspects of individuals and drawing out their futures.

Under the heading "MAMI" on this website, she shares her thoughts on sensory power through her blog, and communicates thoughts on perception through videos. She is currently involved in the creation of an artbook of photography and poetry called “For the new” and a novel about the past, present, and the future seen in dreams, titled “It's a Beautiful World.” Both works are creative projects to share what is important for people to live on this planet and to connect that message from the past to the present and the future.


CDO / Artist / Creative Director / Art Director / Fashion Designer / DJ / Photographer / Stylist / Poets

KEITA CHRISTOPHER OSADA received the Montessori education affected by his father, an architect, and grew up in an environment regularly surrounded by architecture and arts. OSADA attended Takarazuka University of Art and Design (the current Takarazuka University) and Osaka Mode Gakuen, attending and graduating both at the same time. After graduation, he studied traditional Japanese kimono-making at the Fujikage College of Kimono-making. Since he was a student, he has won many awards at various competitions and was nicknamed “the taker of competitions by storm.” After working for an apparel manufacturer as a pattern maker, he taught himself couture, graphic design, and architecture, establishing the fashion brand OSSA MONDO in 2000. Four years after the establishment, the business started to expand to the multi-brand shop for members only called “CELUX,” which operates under Louis Vuitton Japan and only deals with top-class items worldwide. In the following year, the business expanded overseas to SHOWROOM ROMEO in Paris. Then, in 2009, OSADA was selected to be one of “the top 100 Japanese fashion designers.” Since 2010, he has been involved in projects to spread Japanese textile to various fields with CHANEL's cooperation as a supplier. Since 2012, he has participated in the creative boutique GLIDER as a founding member. His main art direction work includes Nikon, au’s “Make Surprises the Norm (Odoroki wo Joshiki Ni),” Japan Post Insurance’s “Life is Full of Dreams (Jinsei Wa Yume Darake),” and GMO Click Securities’ “Life is.” In 2014, OSADA became the director of OSSA MONDO A&D. 

Wielding the speed and the sense to simultaneously offer branding, creative direction, and design that incorporate a fashion-oriented mindset and perspective, he works day by day as a genre-crossing artist active in creative consulting, advertising, websites, products, architecture, interior design, AR/VR, and photography work in London.






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