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AR project studies for a Louis Vuitton event

Although these were comps, the UI/UX design had already been integrated at a highly fine-tuned level. And so, we get asked quite often by our clients, "are these the final products?" Because directing the overall look and design is a simultaneous process, we do not concept our projects as comps for presentation. Instead, we conduct our work as if we are building deliverable, finished quality data.



Thoughts on "Completion" and "Process"

We place a great value on process in the creation of works.

Our intent in posting the design of a process is to provide a behind–the-scenes glimpse of art exhibitions and exhibits, to use an approachable example.

The "STUDY" page expresses a condensation of the original pure images and thoughts that form the source of officially released designs. We believe that it is the thoughts and spirit of challenge of clients, the tremendous time and effort put forth by teams and concerned parties, and the studies and processes born of trial and error that have enabled the birth of products and services that allow more people to feel a sense of potential.

Above all, it is often from within process that new creations are born. The concept of announcing only completed goods and services was once common, and there was a time when we, too, thought the same way.

At the same time, does the concept of "completion" actually exist?

Services, apps, hardware, and ideas are continually updated, day by day. Our era can be seen as one of ongoing updates, in which the concept of completion no longer exists. Of course, one can declare a time of completion (i.e., an ending) and be done with a thing, but just as there is no such thing as a "completed person," a person's present moment is the ultimate masterwork of that person, regardless of age. People, too, continue to evolve and change day by day amid process.

As such, we believe that what has been produced through all processes – not only our works, but even a handwritten rough sketch or a precise piece of artwork preceding the creation of computer graphics drawn over the space of dozens of hours – is best expressed not as a study or as a work in progress, but as "the highest _____ at the present moment."

We value the processes of production and thinking, and hope to provide new possibilities and hopes to many artists, designers, and clients through designs imbued with a pure heart and dreams.










Consideration by Keita Christopher Osada

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