Since people are the main focus, the idea is to wear the leather that is stripped of living animals. People are not central. Life on earth is equal, and humans are as natural as forests and the sea.

I am one of the people who has long loved leather and designed leather items as a matter of course. I'm not going to excuse the past or blame education or the environment. I haven't really considered the essence, and I feel the responsibility. So I want to end it. Thoughts and markets that focus on people, and the past that allowed such acts.

In a room in Athens, Greece where the sun is beautiful.


私も長らく当たり前のようにレザーアイテムをデザインして、レザーを好んで着てきたひとりでもある。過去を言い訳したり、教育や環境のせいにするつもりはない。私も本質をしっかりと考えてこなかったし、その責任も感じている。 だからもう終わりにしたい。 人を中心に考える思考や市場と、このような行為を許してきた過去に。


Poetry and Photography by Keita Christopher Osada

In Athens, Greece

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