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Aroma blend of 100% natural essential oil that imagined pure prayers passed beyond time.

Blended with historic essential oils that have been loved since ancient times, such as rose rose and iris, mainly lavender and neroli, which is a pure and gentle fragrance, it has become a calm and soft scent. You can enjoy an aromatic bath with your aroma stone and diffuser, you can mix it with salt to make an aroma bath or dilute it with vegetable oil to about 2% for massage. Please enjoy the fragrance that has been treasured by people over time, with the music of LIBERA.


ピュアで優しい香りであるラベンダーやネロリを中心に、ロックローズやアイリスなど、古代から愛されてきた歴史ある精油をブレンドし、落ち着きのある柔らかい香りになっています。お手元のアロマストーンやディフューザーで 芳香浴をお楽しみいただけるほか、塩と混ぜてアロマバスにしたり、 植物油で2%ほどに希釈してマッサージにもお使いいただけます。時を越えて人々大切にされてきた香りを、LIBERAの音楽と一緒にお楽しみください。

Blend content

Lavender / Neroli / Bergamot / Lemon / Iris / Rock rose / Coriander / Geranium / Palmarosa / Iran Iran / Rose

Creative Members

Producer : Yoko Kodama / Wisteria Project

Perfumer and Story:Akiko Hirao

Creative Direction : Mami Osada / OSSA MONDO A&D

Package and Graphic Design : Keita Osada / OSSA MONDO A&D

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