OSSA MONDO ®︎ / 201011AW / 2012SS HOMME

The role of the work of the day

Creative Direction / Art Direction / Fashion Design / Pattern Making

We announced the autumn winter and spring and summer collection at the same time. The primary reason is that a major earthquake occurred in the Tohoku region of Japan, production was temporarily stopped, and clothing was made, it was necessary to prepare the environment. Due to the impact of this earthquake, we have been made to think variously. Regarding the Japanese fashion industry, with regard to how the future fashion industry is going to catwalk on the runway at the runway, and about making a lot of clothes and things more than the rate consumed every season, the environment of the earth about...

For us, it became a valuable collection that let me experience various things. And I wish to express my condolences from the heart to the affected people. I pray for the earliest reconstruction a day.



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