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“ That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind. “



We repainted everything and weave everything.

The outside of the shape of the corporation logo is an angular shape and a strong cohesive force and a stable force are imaged. The inside of the logo is a gentle curve, and it is imagining a smooth cooperation and a sense of speed which goes to a different dimension area. Apollo period is the symbol of the highest quality utoput that is born from that logo. This Apollo period starts. It is a symbol that something is born from there, not from the end. Something that has been created and provided is also used for different products and parts, something new is born and the story begins.

The image of this Apollo period is also the earth, the moon, the national flag of Japan, and it is something produced by I.S.T. And this logo expresses infinite possibilities which can not be represented by numerical values, like the circumcircle rate which can not be divided, and it expresses a new step like the word of Neil Armstrong. This logo is aimed at the image of the new I.S.T company heading. Have confidence and pride in something generated from the Apollo period, let's contribute to the world, even the universe. Then I will repaint common sense that was said to be parts and parts until now. Let's give life to something that has been created. So that business partners and manufacturers using materials of I.S.T filled with wonderful life force will further leap forward. And let 's give happy and love to all people. 

Makes the impossible possible.

We repainted everything and weave everything.

Creative Engineer Company.




Coloring according to the type of each department and business department of the company.

Creative Members

Creative Direction : Keita Osada / OSSA MONDO A&D

Logo Design : Keita Osada / OSSA MONDO A&D

Story and Communication Design : Mami Osada / OSSA MONDO A&D

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