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The theme of the logo is "Make a screen" which implies that people and technology are close together, evolving each other. A screen of a computer is drawn and made by the hand of man. This logo is also the light of technology and the light of people.

ロゴのテーマは、人々とテクノロジーが寄り添い、お互いで進化し合うという意味合いを込めた「Make a screen」。コンピューターのスクリーン(=自社システムのサービス)が、人の手によって描かれ、つくられていく。このロゴはテクノロジーの光でもあり、人々の光でもある。


With love in technology.

We are providing services that guide you safely, speedily and accurately to the direction you want to go. Everyone, at any time, we aim to be a service that can be used with confidence so that we will follow you immediately. With A.I. evolving as you use it there is a future that will prosper by discovering and nurturing new assets that meet your needs. We have valuable assets. It is not just money, real estate, stocks. Family and friendship bonds, and love. It does not exist as a form, but it is a very important asset. We want our service to be like that. Although there is no form in the structure, the system, and the service, I would like to create a new asset management system that will prosper and prosper you just beside you, with love in that service. We love technology. Technology evolves with the power of many people. People's power also evolves with technology. A world where people and technology close to each other. A world that people love and respect one another, a world that coexists with nature, coexists, and laughs. It is such a normal, obvious but difficult, beautiful world. We will create such a world.

Always there. Beyond that.

Your Great Fit Partner.









Creative Members

Creative Direction : Keita Osada / OSSA MONDO A&D

Logo and Graphic Design : Keita Osada / OSSA MONDO A&D

Story and Communication Design : Mami Osada / OSSA MONDO A&D

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