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3 Fragments

3 company co-creative project by seven dreamers, Panasonic, Daiwa House.

Fragments of each company's dream, future, innovation feelings.

I express that fragment with a triangle with three vertices. Triangles are said to have great power from ancient times.

Without being swept away by eras and trends, we will continue to innovate together while transforming and transforming into various forms such as isosceles triangle, equilateral triangle, right triangle etc. by using the strong partnership of the three companies.

And when three aims of three companies overlap triangle aiming at one vertex like a pyramid, something new is born. That is the project called 3 Fragments.

seven dreamers、Panasonic、Daiwa House による3社共創プロジェクト。




そして3社の3つの想いが重なった三角形でピラミッドのように1つの頂点をを目指すとき、新たな何かが生まれる。それが、3 Fragments というプロジェクトなのです。

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