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Philosophy / Thinking

This video is being recorded so that those working with a belief in the possibilities of the future, and for those who will live 100 years from now, understand the present. It is a video work for the future that contains and takes a unique perspective on the changes in the world and our sensibilities as we live in the present.

The Change of the Times

The many of the rules our society created made over the past generations are not suitable for the current era, and are preventing us from keeping up with the speed of change. There will come a time when we will have deal with this problem.

We are currently facing a number problems next age, which will begin on December 22, 2020. The same is true for me.

During the three months since January 2020, as I moved around Europe and the coronavirus spread around the world, I felt a sense of healing from things and ideas that we have valued throughout history. What is left after Goethe's literature, the Bauhaus, Leica, Hildegard von Bingen, and the vacuum of war.

As we enter the new era, I believe that it is important what we cherish that which we have kept with us over the ages.




2020年の12月22日から始まる風の時代を前に、今、私たちは様々な問題に向き合わされています。私も同じです。2020年1月から3ヶ月間、ちょうどコロナウイルスが世界中に広がっていくタイミングと同時期にヨーロッパ各地を移動していた中で私が感じてきたことは、「長く残されてきたものへの癒し」でした。ゲーテの文学、バウハウス、ライカ、Hildegard von Bingen、戦争の空白期間を超えても尚残るものとは。


Narrator by Mami Grace Osada

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